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Great design that entices and engages is the characteristic that distinguishes great brands from mere commodities.

We recognise that consumers in today’s engagement economy expect more from favoured brands, seeking a personal relationship that offers value wherever and whenever they are ready to engage. At the very core of this engagement lies the most crucial of brand DNA – creative interpretation and design. We promise on-point strategic intellectual property that connects, makes for big impact, contributes to the accelerated success of your brand, engages, and hopefully creates a little positive change along the way.

Who do we design for?

We see our role as fast tracking the commercial success of both established icons and cheeky challengers in today’s engagement economy. We offer to do this by harnessing the creative power that will connect brands to their consumers, making them feel understood, wanted and connected.

Our story

Moag Bailie Strategic Packaging Design and Branding was established in Cape Town, South Africa in 1990. We are an independent design business with the enduring vision of creating innovative, motivated design and actively involve ourselves in building dynamic and successful brands with like-minded clients.

Effective work

There can be little doubt that great design makes for big impact and influences positive change. We believe the key to commercial success in a climate brimming with opportunity is to employ great design thinking. We can offer the specialized skill set required to deliver this creative power for your business.