The Moag Bailie way

Great design creates change that solves problems, connects, entices and engages.
We are committed to creating innovative, relevant, cohesive packaging and design that effectively establishes a strategically sound platform for the building of dynamic, successful brands. 
Our design is the result of thinking that encompasses cultural understanding, consumer insight and strategic marketing expertise to define a powerful fulcrum point that accepts only extraordinarily well-considered application.

Who do we design for?

Brands that can and do become most loved. Feisty Challengers and blue chip Icons. Challengers change the future with big ideas, and our role is to help them realise their potential and ambition. Icons hold a lot of emotion and meaning and our role is to nurture their specialness and help them stay ahead.

Our story

Moag Bailie Strategic Packaging Design and Branding was established in Cape Town, South Africa in 1990. We are an independent design business with the enduring vision of creating innovative, motivated design and are actively involved in building dynamic and successful brands with like-minded clients.

Effective work

There can be little doubt that great design makes for big impact and influences positive change. We believe the key is to harness the creative power that will accelerate commercial success and we have both the highly experienced professionals and track record to do this for your business.