Kansai Plascon

Polycell range packaging design

Polycell | Packaging design 
Re-launch of Polycell, the quintessential crack filler range of products in stand-out innovative packaging. Invigorated distinctive royal blue heritage and informative colour coded usage mnemonics infuse the brand with masses of consumer appeal. Individual no-nonsense images instantly communicate application and use with simple clarity.

WoodCare | Packaging design 
Clean, constructive design instantly identifies usage and function of the refocused WoodCare range, aligning closely with consumer needs, encouraging order in a highly confusing and competitive retail environment. Clear colour code differentiation harnesses the familiar and      augments durability while simple, effective iconography provides product insight and enhances stand-out shelf appeal.

True Colour | Packaging design
Vibrant shweshwe inspired design and bright colour coded differentiators achieve instant on shelf impact for this innovation driven range of affordable paints.