Johnson & Johnson

Johnson’s African Nurture | Packaging design
Bodycare range brand identity and packaging designed to deliver on the specific needs of African women featuring unique ingredient formulations inspired by age-old African remedies with plants that have been used in skincare for centuries. Inspired design achieves instant stand-out shelf impact; vibrant colour differentiators reinforce variant cues and enable easy navigation. African heritage is underpinned through a modern take on the Shweshwe pattern.

Savlon Antiseptic Liquid | Packaging design
Clear on clear polyprop labels of this re-launch design takes the Savlon “power of orange” to unprecedented levels in portraying user-friendly germ-killing efficacy and enhanced brand desirability.

Savlon hand and body range | Packaging design
Bold, bright, eye-catching packaging that extends the powerful iconic
Savlon identity into the hotly contested hand wash, body wash and
soap bar categories. Effective use of shrink sleeves allows for impactful branding and bright colour variant signatures while retaining intrinsic design identities.

Savlon handwash | Packaging design
Savlon Antiseptic Liquid identity enhanced with bright variant signatures and liquid wave with bubbles in a rainbow of pink, orange, green, blue and yellow to denote variants.