Bliss Brands

MAQ washing powder | Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Proudly pack-centre, our brand identity for the iconic MAQ washing powder, brims with stand-out shelf appeal so effectively carried across a range of line extensions.

Moag bailie designed the brand identity and packaging for MAQ washing powder

MAQ fabric conditioner | Packaging Design

A fabric conditioner range with strong colour cues and bold images convey variants in packaging design that delivers strong in-store visual appeal, introduced as a result of continued success of the MAQ brand.

MAQ All Purpose soap | Packaging Design

All-purpose laundry and cleansing soap bar packaging design conveys fresh, gentle yet effective cleansing properties, unique in a multi-use market.

MAQ Auto | Packaging Design

Strategically on brief, designs for MAQ Auto, the line extension of a great success story reflect a premium brand in the automatic washing powder sector.

Reef Hand washing powder  | Packaging Design

Hard working brand identity for Reef that epitomises the promise of results driven quality in a price-sensitive market.

Securex hygiene soap  | Packaging Design

Anti-germ soap with uncompromising brand identity promises effective hygiene protection in four variants.