Case study 1 | Show your True Colours

Brand identity that bursts the paint category wide open was Moag Bailie’s response to the brief from Kansai Plascon to develop and position a revolutionary new affordable range of quality paints.

Plascon True Colour identity and packaging design encourages aspiring consumers who are proud of their homes to celebrate their world in self expression by showing their true colours.

Vibrant African shweshwe inspired design across 1 L, 5 L and 20 L packs achieves instant stand-out shelf impact while bright colour coded differentiators reinforce individual product cues. Unique graphic mnemonics instantly communicate the market-leading properties that underpin Plascon True Colour as the first range of innovative quality paints to feature specially formulated, advanced technologies and innovations that are truly affordable.

Case study 2 | A new tradition inspired by age old African botanical remedies

Developing and designing a bodycare range in South Africa to deliver on the specific needs of African women is indeed no small feat. Moag Bailie rose to the task in creating the brand identity for the new Johnson’s African Nurture range of body moisturizers. with brand identity and packaging design by Moag Bailie.

The result of years of R&D by the Johnson & Johnson South Africa team with identity and packaging by Moag Bailie, the range features unique ingredient formulations inspired by age-old African remedies with plants that have been used in skincare for centuries.

Inspired design achieves instant stand-out shelf impact through the use of vibrant colour differentiators to reinforce variant cues and make for easy navigation across the range, with an unmistakable African heritage underpinned through a modern take on the Shweshwe pattern. The inherent moisturising nature of these formulations and ingredients are dynamically brought to life on pack by visualizing these in an exuberant splash of liquid while strong Johnson’s family brand iconography ensures that African Nurture resides firmly within the loved and trusted Johnson’s family.

Case study 3 | Clean Sweep for MAQ Auto

The vibrant MAQ Auto brand identity created by Moag Bailie has now been carried through an extended range including a range of fabric conditioners, dishwashing liquid and an all purpose bar.

Moag Bailie designed the highly visible packaging for the launch of MAQ Auto, a line extension of MAQ, a success story within the increasingly competitive washing powder market. Strategically on brief, designs reflect a premium brand within the target market of the automatic washing powder sector. This was effectively achieved with the introduction of foil board, embossing and de-bossing while incorporating the MAQ logo so as to ensure continued consumer affinity for this trusted brand.

These elements all combine to create packaging design with in-store visual appeal and iconic brand identity. The result is a basket of dynamic line extensions for MAQ that are cleaning up the South African market.

Case study 4 | Eco accolades for Almay Bio Organic

Moag Bailie were briefed to design the packaging identity for the launch of Almay’s Bio Organic skincare range with botanical extracts. 95% eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, this range promises a truly healthy alternative for beautiful skin.

Infused with a combination of natural and organically certified ingredients, it was important that the intrinsic of the products be interpreted in the brand identity and design language. With consumers reflecting a greater awareness of skin pollutants and being ever-mindful of their carbon footprint, Moag Bailie took great care in developing a brand identity that would instantly communicate the wholesomeness and environmentally friendly nature of the range.

The result is simple, clean, 100% recyclable packaging that minimizes environmental impact, while at the same time reflecting a healthy, natural glow within the organic skincare category.

In addition to increasing consumer support, this packaging continues to gather accolades with the Moag Bailie packaging design being featured in the European publication, ‘Monsa Barcelona Eco’, June 2012.